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   Broadcast spreading has been the primary method of manure application since the invention of the spreader. While this method is tried & true and effective at getting animal byproducts on the fields, this method may not be the most beneficial to all operations. 

   Direct injection is a modernized way of applying nutrients to the soil. Injecting avoids losses and adverse environmental impacts associated with traditional broadcast spreading.


Agri-Applicators, Inc. has has been providing both broadcasting and injection services to many livestock operations throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

   Fields are like fingerprints, there are no two alike. Agri-Applicators prides itself on being able to offer their expertise to provide the most effective solution for your unique one-of-a-kind operation. 

   Using low disturbance injection equipment, Agri-Applicators, Inc. has the ability to place the nutrients in the root zone while still meeting the requirements of the No-Till community.

   Our Goal is to keep nutrients where they belong while minimizing soil disturbance. We value soil health.

   Injecting via dragline is the most efficient process if field sizes allow.

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