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Our Service Solutions

Tank Solutions
Broadcast or Injection

  Agri-Applicators Inc. has been broadcast spreading for almost 20 years. During that time we have welcomed and embraced new advancements in our industry. These developments include Minimum Disturbance Injection, Precision Application which gives us the ability to apply manure according to a prescription based off of a specific soil test.


Dragline Solutions
Broadcast or Injection


  Agri-Applicators, Inc. is equipped with a 2 1/4 mile dragline system. Dragline is rapidly becoming the method of choice for many innovative farmers with large volumes of manure. The main benefits of dragline are reduced compaction and a time savings. Manure application done via dragline provides excellent application and minimizes soil disturbance. We have found manure injection using  a dragline is by far the most efficient way to inject manure.


Transportation Solutions


  Agri-Applicators, Inc. offers 3 nurse trucks for longer distance hauling. This allows the manure applicator rig to stay in the field thus reducing the liability incurred when driving large equipment on public roads. It also reduces wear and tear on tractors designed to be in the field. Utilize our trucks to nurse your applicator rig can decrease your operating time and maintenance costs of your equipment

Custom Farming 


  Agri-Applicators offers several custom farming solutions to complement our core services.

These custom services include:

  • Mowing

  • Tedding

  • Raking

  • Blading

  • Chopping

  • Combining 

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